Music Hall At Cleveland Public Auditorium

The Cleveland Music Hall, or know by the general name, Public Hall or Public Auditorium is a multipurpose hall of entertainment. It was inaugurated in 1922, and ever since then the 10,000-seat capacity hall has been altered and modified quite a few times, and now has a Music hall and a little Theater with seating of 3000 and 600 respectively.

Cleveland Music Hall schedule

The Cleveland Music Hall was originally designed by the architect J. McDowell and Frank Walker. The Auditorium has had many notable events. The most popular of them are the Republican Nation Conventions. After the Cleveland Orchestra’s 75th Anniversary concert, Cleveland Music Hall has become renowned in the world and is now the dream platform of every symphony player around the world.
In its 95 years of service to the world of music, the Cleveland Music Hall has given us world’s most loved performers like the Django Reinhardt, who made his debut in the Music hall, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Anthrax, The Beastie Boys, The Rolling Stones have all been a part of the great music auditorium.

Public Auditorium is a multi-purpose performing arts, entertainment, sports, and exposition facility located in the civic center district of downtown Cleveland, Ohio. Wikipedia
Address: 500 Lakeside Ave, Cleveland, OH 44114, USA
Opened: 1922
Capacity: 10,000 (main auditorium); 3,000 (Music Hall); 600 (Little Theater)
Phone: +1 216-348-2211
Owner: City of Cleveland

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